Age 23 was one of the best years of my life. It came with joy and sorrow, ups and downs. But in the end, there also came unforgettable memories and lessons learned. I met some amazing people and saw incredible places and things. I finally understand personally why the Bible is called the “Living Word,” and how everything happens for a reason— a purpose and a plan. Whether it be conviction, praise, or one step closer to understanding that God is in control. I was pretty anxious about turning 24, but now that it’s here… It doesn’t seem quite bad. Maybe because there really isn’t any big difference lol. Looking forward to growing more in the Word and in our Lord. Here’s to age 24— *cheers*.

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and so it begins… :)

here’s to a summer of renewing my mind, body, and most importantly— soul.

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Give it up to God… Receive SUPERNATURAL PEACE.

true story. :)

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World changers 2012. Serving God and His people. Can’t get any better than that.

World changers 2012. Serving God and His people. Can’t get any better than that.

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ogmogmogmogmo want want want want want!!!!!!!!

I Want.. !!

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Happy birthday big brother! I love you, no matter how distant we are (relationship wise and soon to be distance wise). Please take care of mom and dad like you took care of me when you move to California in June. :( have a good one!! :)

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We must be willing to sacrifice anything and EVERYTHING for Him. Whatever happens on the side is because of His grace and blessing on us. 

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my “rant”.

This week has been by far the most challenging week in 2012 (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually).  Every day is a distraction, and every thought and worry leads to no end.  Every day I fought for victory in peace, yet every day I ended up facing only disappointment.  Every day I learned something new about myself, and every day I learned something new about other people.  I questioned my trust in people, and I questioned myself.  I re-lived selfishness, and I re-learned humility.  I dismissed my happiness, but I am yearning (and still am) for pure joy.  

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